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Reed Watson

Brian Schummer

Kurt Honer

Corey Honer

Joe Clyde

Randy Burmayer

Randy Clyde

Steve Donat

Loren Forrester

John Hadrava

Rick Hanson

Carolyn Hemphill

Russ Hemphill

Troy Hemphill

Kahlin Honer

Lyle Howg

Brian Hughes 99/ Roxanne Kampfer

Will Klaus

Mike Lauderbaugh

Tom Lindahl

Mike Margle

Gary McMollan

Rob Pauley

Dave Port

Jon Port

Wayne Ricks

Wayne Robbins

Justin Sauer

Tony Sauer

Josh Seely

Chad Tabaka

Dick Taray

Jeff Tharaldson

Ryan Thuney

People of Interest

Mike Gurtiz

Rick Hanson Jr

Matt Kahistoff

Jody Smith

Angie Loveless points

Brenda Holland points

Angie Jobe points

Deke Donat headflagman

Bret Johnson Flagman

Brian Johnson Flag man

We thank all of these people for thier help and interest in our club and sport. We often forget to say thank you for what you do,We appreciate all you do for us

2008 racers/members will be posted at end of month

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